lundi 16 avril 2012

Jewelz Infinite - Katharsis

1. CROSSROADS Prod: Colonna Beats 2. THE GOLDEN FALCON feat: Rasul Allah, Prod: Colonna Beats 3. NUCLEAR JETSTREAMS feat: Orko Eloheim, Prod: Psychodrama07 4. WAKING LIFE, Prod: Psychodrama07 5. ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS feat: Orko Eloheim, Prod: Fascist Beats 6. INCEPTION, Prod: Psychodrama07 7. KATHARSIS feat: Rasul Allah, Prod: Psychodrama07 8. POISON feat: Jahnigga Da Baptist, Prod: Psychodrama07 9. OBELISK feat: Self Soulfuric, Prod: Tekone 10. ABSTRACT FORMULAS of INFINITE JEWELZ, Prod: Psychodrama07 11. COSMIC VISIONARIES, Prod: Psychodrama07 12. ALIEN CYBERNETICS feat: Orko Eloheim, Prod: Psychodrama07 13. 9 SPHERES feat: Rasul Allah, Prod: Psychodrama07 14. REPELLING THE OUTBREAK feat: Wormhole, Prod: Tekone 15. CLASH OF THE TITANS feat: Son of Saturn, Prod: Fascist Beats 16. ETERNAL SOUL FIRE feat: Apakalypse, Prod: Lord Gamma 17. DELIVERANCE, Prod: Psychodrama07 18. HAMMER OF THE GODS, Prod: Annex 19. BACKDRAFT, Prod: The Chukchee 20. SPACE HARMONICS feat: Orko Eloheim & Mike Tappen, Prod: Wydow 21. EXACT SCIENCE, Prod: Lyvr2laBrousse Artwork by Saul Espinosa

dimanche 15 avril 2012

Call of Cthulhu - Harvesting the Weak

Call of Cthulhu Label: NewCocoon Records Year: 2012 Price: $6.95 Format: CD The Call of Cthulhu members are Wormhole, Legion, Qreus and Summon. The project was built when Summon visited the island of Oahu, HI, and met up with the Hawaii new cocoon family. And then Cthulhu, The mystical beast arose from the sacred waters of the pacific, preparing to release its fury. And that cover art of that creature holding the mic, is one of the emcees on this insane little EP! If you ever wondered what Demons sounded like and what kind of beats they would's this!!! Think of the intensity of Army of The Pharaohs mixed with the obscurity of The Shapeshifters. The beats are hard as hell and by the time it's over you'll want to hit repeat! So if your a hardcore hip hop fan looking for a fix then definitely cop this! For fans of Apakalypse or Orko! Imagine that team up!

mardi 10 avril 2012



All donations go towards pressing physical copies of Nebula Fade. credits released 30 March 2012 Produced by: SMEAR Mastered by: Deeskee Cover by Albane Dyn 2012 NEW COCOON