jeudi 27 février 2014


Intrinsic Zombie Paintbrush has nothing to do with zombies. the name represents the undead creative spark within all of us. this album is like an enigma, a myth that has been proven to be real. finally released for human audible consumption. it is a composite of songs haez one made in 2008- 2012. it is a great example if some how an album could partake in metamorphosis. it has been hibernating for year evolving as time past. now it has bursted out of the cocoon for the world to listen to it. credits released 02 January 2014 Written by - Haez One Produced by - Laineken , Barry Bones, Ki-Design, Self Destruct, Lv frett, Rey Ressureccion, Megabusive, Jeff2Real, Trust One, iLL Majestic, Vaughnilla, Skylar G,Genome , Tape Masta Steph Cuts by- Barry Bones, DJ Habit

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