samedi 28 juin 2014

A Brighter Shade Of Sound Vol. 1

Evolve Audio presents... "A Brighter Shade Of Sound Vol. One" Production from: Evolve Audio, Riddlore (CVE), Orko Eloheim, Linn Mori, DJ Obi, Rezin, Sojourn, JMus, Tone Tellathought, DJ Shag, Avatar, D-Voo, Pedro Teixeira, Dojah, Guidebook Beats, Woodgie Dew, Self Target, Jinsen, Mumi, E-Roc, & A.F. Diaphra (Biru) Special Thanks to all the talented Producers/Beat Smiths on the album. Thanks to My brother Mike Williams aka Self One who helped create the cover art. This album is approved by Jazzy Grace and Isla Rose. - Evolve credits released 03 February 2014 Executive Produced by Evolve Audio Cover Art by Self One & Evolve Audio Visual Chironex Fleckeri Records 2014

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