mardi 26 août 2014

PhonopHonic - Emotional Danger

released 29 August 2014 Intro prod. Richard Catesh. Shadowed prod. Prime Minister Cool. It's All Okay prod. Gripski. Post Man prod. Wydow, Lyvr. The Second Coming of Jihad prod. Prime Minister Cool. Hugging a Picture Frame prod. Fat Mike. Architects of Discontent prod. Prime Minister Cool, SeeNixonRise. Time Tells prod. Wydow. Imposter of Luck prod. Gripski. Cuts by Gripski. Silence of the Sheep prod. Hermitofthewoods. Buried Alive bass by Richard Catesh. Cover photo by Jay Holy. Back cover photo and layout by Richard Catesh. Sampling and mastering by Richard Catesh.

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