dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Lxor - Arcane Scripting

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01.Digital Foliage 01:25
02.B.I.B.L.E (Bio-electrical Instructions Before Leaving Earth)(Prd.By Wydow and Sapience) 01:49
03.Concencrated Hydration (Prd. By Slewage) 02:08
04.Firecodes (Prd.By Lyvr 06:35
05.Forces (Remix By Chukchee) 02:12
06.Exoteric Orders 02:43
07.False Lords 03:40
08.Trap Equation (feat. Ovate) 02:38
09.Root System 03:21
10.Rainbow Nebula Cocoon (Prd.By Chukchee) 02:24
11 (Prd.By Chukchee)

released 25 July 2011

Shoutouts: Gratitude for all things to the Queen and to the King and to the Son,
Jesus ,Oxala, Santa Maria, Princess Soloina, to the Caboclos and Pretos Velhos,
and all divine beings. This album is dedicated to Valum Votan now in the astral.
To family, tribe, kin, friends, New Cocoon fam, Beloveds, Nebula 333, Chukchee,
Lyvr, Sapience, Wydow and Anthropoworks, Slew ,Ovate and the whole Tree Dusk Muir, Albane Simon Dyn, to
Nossa Irmandade, Polycram, my Red Skywalkers , Mazaloth13 (Wormhole & Lxor),
the moth, the eagle, the hummingbird, Love to all

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