dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Variex - Past Life Discourse

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1.Death To Vanity (prod. by Ebb One) 02:01
2.In My Hands (prod. by Copper White) 03:41
3.All Life’s Walks (with Ordeal, prod. by Ill Vibe) 03:05
4.Stolen Honey (with Robin Walker, Time & Extra Kool, prod. by [formalscience]) 04:17
5.Your Contact Lenses Are The Wrong Color (prod. by Oskar Ohlson) 03:47
6.Memory Spill (prod. by Brandon Logic) 01:27
7.Waiting For Winter’s Farewell (prod. by DJ Extend) 06:10
8.Love Dancing On A Trap Door (prod. by Ebb One) 04:38
9.Half-Hearted Victory Song (prod. by Blindone) 03:44
10.Everyday (with Ebb One) 03:43
11.Fighting For The Fight (prod. by Cars & Trains) 03:48
12.Callitwhatyouwantbutidontwanttotalkaboutit (with Ebb One, prod. by Underdosed Gesus) 03:32
13.Nobody’s Listening (with Verloren, prod. by TrEE) 03:30
14.Out Of Scene (with Ebb One) 05:43
15.Shooting Blank Stares (with MC Homeless & Abbadon, prod. by Apo) 04:29
16.Burning Bridges (with Audio88, prod. by DJ Extend) 04:16
17.Stand Still (So Fresh, So What) (with Ebb One, prod. by Underdosed Gesus) 03:08
18.Fear Of Nothing (with AndrRomak) 03:43

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