dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Wormhole - Tetrahedron

Wormhole - Tetrahedron (April 20th, 2011)
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01. Tetrahedron (prod. Sapience and Wermhoe)
02. Agoraphobe (prod. Debmaster)
03. Iron ft. Lxor (prod. Lxor)
04. Alight (prod. Deja)
05. Portable Portal ft. Ceschi, David Ramos, Tommy V, Staplemouth, Demune and Mikey Yeda (prod. Wormhole, AndrewKitakis and Ceschi)
06. Forest ft. Ovate, Rezult and Toobz (prod. Rezult)
07. Cannibalism (prod. Debmaster)
08. Chimera Cloud (prod. Wermhoe)
09. Messenger (prod. Sapience)
10. The Signal ft. Ghost In The Gnome (prod. HumDrummin)
11. Step Into The Herse (prod. Wermhoe)
12. Biblical Proportions ft. Nabahe, Ghost In The Gnome, Mikey Yeda and Carcass (prod. Barely Legal Beats)
13. Rubble (prod. Sapience)
14. Metamorphosis ft. Staplemouth, Demune and Mikey Yeda (prod. Sapience)
15. Extra Stout (prod. Wermhoe)
16. Train Wreck ft. Slew and Athena (prod. Slew)
17. 7Rays ft. k-the-i??? (prod. Sapience)
18. Encyclopedia Of Death (prod. Wermhoe and Neurowax)
19. Onni ft. Xczircles (prod. Timmo)
20. Des Cendres ft. Yem Senha (prod. Lexzen)
21. Gojira Breath (prod. Wermhoe)
22. Golden Flame (prod. Mysterious Misters/ zipper scratch by Wermhoe)
23. Dark Matter ft. Jonah The Whale and Carcass (prod. Unsystematic)
24. Howdy Partners ft. RobW. and Ghost In The Gnome (prod. Wermhoe)
25. AngelFish ft. Twilight Minotaur (prod. Twilight Minotaur)
Art by TOOBZ

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